Saturday, April 4, 2015

One Year Since Goodbye

It is Holy Saturday today, and tomorrow Alexander will be celebrating his first Easter with us.  We don't know how much (if at all) Easter and other holidays were celebrated in his orphanage, so this might well be his first Easter celebration ever. 

While we are happily planning fun family times this weekend, it was a very different kind of day on April 4 2014.  It was the last time Sean visited with our little Soshko in the orphanage, and he had the very difficult task of telling our sweet boy goodbye until he was allowed to come back to take him home five months later.

The last orphanage visit, April 4, 2014
It was a heartbreaking day, and one that still makes us emotional to think about.  We knew it was going to be hard, but nothing prepared us for the reality of that farewell.  It is a gross understatement to say it was "hard" to walk away from our son, leaving him in a place where he was neglected and malnourished and the size of a child half his age. 

Alexander LOVES snow and is enjoying the last of the late winter/early spring snow showers.
Back in April of 2014, we felt like we would never get to the end of our adoption journey.  But thankfully now our little guy is home and safe and growing and learning, and we get to celebrate Easter as a whole family this year, with all our members under one roof!  Thanks be to God! 

We are so rich in snuggles!  And toys on the floor, but don't mind that...
Please don't forget all the little ones still waiting for a family, especially those who soon will be aging out of the chance for a family.  Pray for them, share them, and if you are able, consider giving financially or taking the first steps toward growing your own family through adoption

This past Tuesday marked exactly 1 year since Sean and Alexander met for the first time.

And may you all have a very blessed Easter season!